10 Months Pregnant and Counting… (February 12, 2012)

Well here it is. A week and a 1/2 after my due date and no Baby Girl #2 yet. I’m sure there will be days that I will long for the ease (well maybe not so much at 8/9 months) of just carrying her around inside, protecting from all of the outside world. But right now I am just dying to meet her, have her meet her Daddy and big sister and move on with all of the fun plans we have!

Since I am almost 42 weeks now – yes pure craziness, but I was born almost 3 1/2 weeks late and my brother was 2 1/2 weeks late, so maybe I can blame genetics? It’s so hard too because Carmella doesn’t understand why mommy can’t do certain things, and also because Daddy has had to pick up my slack. Like laundry for example. And while I love (and need) the help I will be glad when things can go back to normal and walking up a flight of stairs won’t be a challenge of the day.

Carmella on her way out of Toys R Us after buying some new toys.

In getting ready for Baby Nihill, Carmella has seen me drag out all of the toys and clothes. And nothing has caught her interest more than the Nap Nanny. A lifesaver with Carmella, its really a must have for any parent. First of all I should start by saying that almost any adult that saw it, including myself has wondered where you can buy an adult version. Unfortunately they don’t have one yet, but maybe soon……. So out came the Nap Nanny, and while the first day it may have sat in the corner alone and waiting for Baby Nihill #2, on day 2 Carmella must have started having flashbacks. I came into her room and not only had she dragged it in front of her TV to watch her movie, but she was laying down and asked me to put her “seat belt” (aka safety harness) on. She then proceeded to tell me how “comfy” it was and couldn’t wait to show daddy her new toy. Now I’m wondering if we will have to buy a second one!

The Nap Nanny was a life saver for so many reasons. The largest being that after eating Carmella would have to stay in an upright position after eating for a good 20 minutes so she wouldn’t get sick. While that sounds simple enough, in the early days when sleep is a much wanted/needed commodity every minute helps. Especially when you are nursing because there really is no way that Daddy can get up and help with that. To be able to put her down in the Nap Nanny at an angle and strap her in was reassuring to me as I know that she would be ok until the next feeding 2 hours later.

It was also easy to take with us when visiting other people as there is no set up! Throw it in the car and you are good to go. It was also a nice alternative to her bouncer seat when we were at home. We could leave one upstairs and one downstairs and it helped me get so much done! Now they even make travel bags, which I will definitely be investing for that future trip to California, whenever the girls are ready for a big trip and Daddy can be convinced it will be more fun than work :) It also has a zip off cover which makes it super easy to clean – because lets face it, all babies have accidents and if its not washable then it likely will end up in the trash.

I should note that proper precautions (common sense) should be used when using a Nap Nanny. For example it is a stand alone item when using  – it SHOULD NOT be placed in a crib.

As other “old” toys start to make appearances I am sure that I will have plenty of stories.  Until then I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get to meet this girl by the end of the week!

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