16 Months Going on 17! (October 19, 2011)

Our baby girl is growing up so fast! When we found out were having a girl, we briefly thought about the future (dating, wedding, grandkids), but that quickly vanished from our minds as one of those “I’ll deal with it when it comes” type of things. We were so excited for our daughter to arrive, and planning for the big day! Sitting here now, I reflect back on these past months and all the big steps she has taken so far: sitting up, rolling over, laughing at funny things (sometimes when she was younger I wasn’t sure how she knew certain dry things were funny — but she laughed!), laughing at inappropriate times (always funny looking back on it), talking, eating “big girl food,” drinking cow’s milk, and finally, walking! Last night she was running around the house calling herself “big girl” — in case anyone didn’t know. :)

She’s always been a happy girl, with the exception of bed time and naptime. Over the past few weeks, we have noticed a change in her… a change I wasn’t expecting to see until teenage years! A sudden interest in… boys?? Whenever she spots a boy, she will look at me with a happy glow and big smile, “oooh, a boy!” She’ll then wave furiously calling out “hi” and doing everything in her power to get to him. She even has a first words book with a picture of a little boy, which she kisses at every opportunity. Where did she pick up on this boy craziness? Along with the boy, she also showers her kisses and mwahs on all of her stuffed animals, animal pictures, Mommy, Daddy, Nonna, Grandpa, her cousins, and other family members.

It makes me sad to think my baby girl is growing up so fast, but happy to know she is caring and understands when someone needs a hug. She will be a great big sister. Now we just have to find out if she will be having a little brother or little sister!

(P.S. – you can read the answer here).

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