Proper Etiquette (January 31, 2012)

How to Act (and not to act!) Around Pregnant Women and After the Baby is Born

First of all, I want to put a disclaimer on this blog post. None of this is directed at our family or friends, which is a first for one of my posts. (And yes, this may include some of your stories here, too! Don’t worry – no names!). This actually goes out to all of the people that you randomly come in contact with when you are pregnant, and anyone searching for a bit of advice. And, if you are pregnant and ever have been, you know who most of these people are.

These are the people that would have walked right by you if you hadn’t been pregnant, but feel that since you are, they have the right to make comments, offer what they feel are “helpful” tips, and some bold ones might even go for the belly! Why strangers are comfortable with this I will never know.

Your reaction to them will drive how the interaction goes. One of my personal favorites is being 8 1/2 months pregnant and having someone (again, not family or friends) you see on a regular basis, or even a stranger, ask if you are pregnant. Thank you, Captain Obvious. The best response for this is to ask what they are talking about, and act surprised. The stranger will be so uncomfortable, they will likely fumble over their words and walk away (and if they don’t after that interaction, you should probably run away from them!).

Is This Your First?

Next up are the people that ask if it’s your “first,” and if you know what you are having. Again, a question okay for family and friends; creepy/nosy for anyone else, like the guy in the elevator you don’t even know. As always, you can ignore them and walk away, respond and walk away, or give them something to really think about. Try this: Tell them you are having triplets (while you know you are almost full term), then share the good news that you now are at the 3 month mark (maybe while rubbing your belly).

Are You Trying for a Boy Next?

Hopefully this will stop the next question from even arising – and Abby I give you credit for also talking about how frustrating it is. When non-family and friends find out you are having a girl or a boy, their first instinct is not to say congrats when they learn you will have two or more boys, or two or more girls, but to immediately ask, “oh, are you going to try for a boy next (if you have two girls)?”

First of all, hello, I’m eight months pregnant, let’s get through this one first. Personally, I find it very insulting that someone would imply that having a third girl or a third boy is not something anyone would choose. I am not a person who believes in choosing a boy or girl though genetic options.

I experienced this question once we found out it was a second girl. Some people were saying, “it’s okay to have two girls,” as if we needed consoling? Others said “you can try for a boy next time.” Both of which were equally insulting and frustrating. Once we found out the baby was healthy, boy or girl didn’t matter. Except for my planning and our name searching, of course!

What Really Matters

Instead of having another baby because you want a boy or a girl, you have to remember you still have a 50/50 chance. You should have another baby because you are financially stable to support them not only through the first 18 years, but helping with college and other life events that can occur. Kids are expensive and setting them up to surpass you in success is not an easy challenge. It shouldn’t be based on desire to have a boy or girl, but on your current situation and the ability to contribute to the betterment of society down the road.

Now don’t get me wrong, some mommies and mommies-to-be love the attention from friends, family, and non-friends/family alike! And for anyone that falls into that category, good for you! You can disregard this post, but feel free to leave comments!

Now that we’ve seen how things can go wrong, we’ll head off on a positive note!

Proper Etiquette Around Moms and Moms-to-Be

These are some tips that I would recommend when interacting with new mommies and mommies-to-be. Again, this is not anything against any of our family and friends, and these positive tips have come from our actions! The following tips have been consolidated from personal experiences, as well as some of the stories from my family and friends.

Talking About Positive Birthing Experiences

Do you have a positive birthing experience to share? Feel free too! All people like to share their horror stories about what went wrong and how awful it was. This especially doesn’t help anyone who is about to go through labor for the first time! I went in on a Tuesday afternoon and didn’t have Carmella until Friday, and it wasn’t that bad. Oh, and I didn’t get an epidural.

Hospital Visits

Check in with the mom and dad directly and see what their visiting “wants” are. Some people like to spend that time alone bonding with their new bundle of joy, while others can’t wait to introduce them! If they have other children be mindful of the family bonding. Instead of rushing up the minute you hear the news, have a plan for when the parents will be expecting you. With the unlimited amount of technology we have, you can call, text, or Facebook message to see when they would like visitors to come by.

Home Visits

So the new addition is home and you want to go visit! Keep in mind the parents are probably going to be exhausted and it’s tough to be the hostess with two hours of sleep. One of the most helpful things that people did for us was to bring food! If visiting around lunchtime, offer to pick up lunch. It doesn’t matter what you pick up, just anything to make it easy. A special thanks to my mom, Linda, and Julie – the food you guys made life so much easier those days!

While you are visiting, it’s nice to offer to watch the baby. Might as well let mom and dad nap, rest, shower, or any other small luxury.

Not Everyone is as Excited as You Are

Understand that while your baby means everything to you, it may not have that effect on everyone you know. For example, no names mentioned, but I do have a family member that did not attend the shower (or RSVP until called for that matter), send a congratulations card when she was born, acknowledge her at Christmas (and yes, to this point I had acknowledged their kids!), or sent a birthday card. Now this has nothing to do with money, because yes, they could afford it. It has to do with the fact that they couldn’t even take the time to send a .99 cent card in the mail. Be prepared for these people, just in case, and don’t let it affect your happiness with your new addition!

Share Your Story!

Well, it’s a good start to a list anyway! Feel free to leave your comments and share your stories below.

The Perfect Snack for the Self Feeder (January 21, 2012)

Carmella getting ready to munch on some finger foods in her high chair.

Let me start off by saying that Carmella is not the typical kid when it comes to getting messy and playing – at least not yet anyways. For example, at her first birthday party, when most kids would be diving into the frosting, eating cake and making the biggest mess possible, she gently poked the cake, and after realizing she had frosting on her finger said “yuck,” and waved around her hand until it was cleaned. It also comes in handy as she will help clean up the house! Random things that end up on the floor she will throw away. She will unpack groceries and best of all, she even helps do the dishes and fold laundry, and will even put hers away in her bureau drawers!

Along with developing a sense of wanting to help everyone else no matter what they are doing, she also wants to help herself more. This is challenging when you have a toddler desperate to feed themselves while not getting dirty (she calls it “self” when she feeds herself). Luckily, some finger foods she will take a few bites and then needs to wipe her hands on the napkins — like pizza. Yogurt she has mastered (for the most part) eating with a spoon. Fruits and veggies she will eat as finger foods as most of them aren’t messy.

However, when we are out somewhere or need a fast snack pack, smoothie pouches have become her favorite. We always used them with her, but now the best part is that she can “self” and there is no mess! Now if only she would branch out with the flavors she liked…

Here are some of Carmella’s current favorites that I order on Amazon:

Ella’s Strawberry Smoothie Pouches

She really loves strawberries, so it’s no wonder she loves this one. It smells really good and authentic, not filled with juice or sugars. This can be kept in the fridge or served at room temperature. I usually choose room temp, and she seems to prefer it that way. Ella’s also makes a larger size of the strawberry flavor smoothie pouch that has apples and other fruits added into the mix.

Plum Organic Pumpkin Banana

This is an all time favorite of hers. She sometimes eats it room temperature now, but she used to love this heated for 15 seconds in the microwave with some rice cereal added for extra texture. Smells great, and it has one veggie I know I could never get her to eat otherwise: pumpkin! These also have a high volume of ounces compared to other brands, and have great reviews from other parents. Plum Organic also makes another variety she used to like called purple carrot blueberry, but that fell out favor now that she’s older.

Revolution Foods Organic Fruit Squeeze Tropical Blend

“Tropical” as Carmella calls it, takes the cake as the current favorite. She prefers this more than any other smoothie pouch. It’s smaller in size than some of the other pouches, but since she is preferring solid foods more and more, this is the perfect size for her age (21 months). I bought it in bulk because she was sucking these things down faster than I could keep in stock!

A little hint with these items: if you sign up for the Amazon subscribe and save option, you can save 15%, but you aren’t necessarily obligated to buy again. You just have to make sure to log into your account to change the ship date, or you can delete the item if you don’t want it again.

Glucose Tests and Christmas 2011 (January 20, 2012)

Two months! I thought maybe a couple of weeks I might fall behind here, but where has the time gone? Has it really been two months since my last post? This definitely shows I need more “me” time – but for mommies that won’t happen for at least another 18+ years.

Looking back on the past two months so much has happened. I got the dreaded call no pregnant woman wants to hear. The call where the nurse says your glucose numbers were a little high.

Carmella talking on her new phone, Christmas 2011.

A little? As in enough to be concerned? And of course, just enough to be tortured by the 3 hour test, which is started after a 12 hour fast. How can that be healthy for a pregnant woman? Clearly a pregnant woman did not design that test… I suffered through the test armed with the advice from friends: dress comfortably, bring snacks to eat before you drive home, and work – well they said magazines, but a CPA going into tax season working during the 3 hours was a necessity.

They were kind enough to serve me a bottle of the glucola drink they typically serve at the start of the session, whose orangey-metallic-sweet taste brought me back to the days of Teeni drinks. At the end of the test, I was so woozy I could barely stand. Note to self: if there is a next time, schedule someone to pick you up!

We also have been playing the name game over the past few months, which is finally down to the final two. We now have our first choice and a backup in case of a last minute change. The big question now is how much will she look like her big sister? The ultrasound pics have them looking pretty alike, but you never know!

Her new favorite pals, just in time for Christmas: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

This past Christmas we had the fun of introducing Carmella to the guy in the big red suit – Santa Claus!! And while he was very intimidating when seen in person, she was in love with the idea that someone was bringing her presents if she left him milk and cookies (and pizza — her all time favorite food!). Though, one concept she didn’t seem to understand or even want to understand was that she needed to be good in order to receive presents.

Christmas was a bit overwhelming for her and after a few presents, she said “all done.” At least she liked handing presents out to everyone else. Christmas Eve after getting home late from a family Christmas party and falling asleep in the car, she woke herself up to insist on leaving Santa milk and cookies before bed. The best part of Christmas morning for her was waking up and seeing that Santa had left a half bitten cookie on the plate. She promptly finished it off and then surveyed the gifts under the tree while still chewing.

One of her favorite gifts this year was her pretend kitchen. She loves to cook for her baby dolls and stuffed animals. Last night she “made” coffee for her sister in the pretend kitchen and poured it on my belly – I guess we have to work on that… though she heats up her baby’s food in her microwave and yells “hot, hot!” when she take it out and blows on it to cool it down for them.

Wrapped in a towel, this 21 month old still likes to be treated like a baby!

The next big change is starting to set up for the baby — I figure with 5 weeks to go, we should probably start soon! Packing my bag and Carmella’s is on the top of the list, just in case someone decides to make an early appearance.

baby reading
Carmella with jaw agape at the sight of her new gingerbread man.

The Perfect Pants (November 14, 2011)

Everyone loves a pair of perfect pants, whether it be our favorite pair of jeans, sweats, or pajama pants. Some of us love them much more than others. Carmella, as luck would have it, is in the “much more than others” category. She also already has a shoe obsession and loves to try to put on mommy’s 4 inch heels. After getting frustrated she will take the shoe and put it “away” wherever she decides it goes. But pants, well, apparently this is a whole seperate category.

Carmella wearing her organic pajamas (rifling into the Trick or Treat bucket — don’t worry we hid the candy!)

It started last week with these adorable swishy, comfy cargo Carter’s pants. As soon as her little legs were in them, she started thrashing like a newly caught fish, yelling “no! shorts! no no no!”

Carmella wearing her organic pajamas (rifling into the Trick or Treat bucket — don’t worry we hid the candy!)

I eventually ended the battle by giving in and changing her into some soft cotton pants. Who wants to be in uncomfortable pants all day? Jeans are something that I can’t get her to wear yet – and she has so many cute pairs! Though, I started putting her in jeggings – and as long as they are slightly loose, there is no complaining or trying to break free. She lets us know when they are too tight by saying “stuck, off! What a big personality she is growing…

The next incident was with some cute stretch pants I had bought. Again, the commentary started right away. “No! Mommy, stuck! Stuck! Help! Help!” Again after trying to convince her how cute they were, she kept yelling “Stuck! Help!” on the verge of tears. I changed her this time into her Juicy Couture track suit pants. Immediate happiness washed over her and she started touching the pants saying “yes, nice, nice,” and nodding her head.

I started to think back to last year. I got an amazing deal on baby Juicy Couture tracksuits and she lived in them all fall and winter. And while she does have a few toddler sizes, the deals just haven’t been as good since. Maybe it’s just Mommy being frugal? Those suits add up fast when you have one for each day of the week! Though I will admit they are super comfy, and they lasted the entire season still looking practically brand new. I think that she liked that they weren’t too tight or thick, yet still kept her nice and warm.

Well, last night we had a new issue with pants – not day pants, but this time PJ pants. The pajamas that she seemed most comfortable in were Ecoland organic pajamas. Not only were they super soft and durable (Baby Nihill #2 has a whole collection waiting for her!), they were a great fit. Sometimes I think Carmella thought she was a Kung-Fu warrior with her karate suit on with the way she would kick around in them.

Now that it’s getting chillier here in New England, I made the executive decision it was time for warmer pajamas. Last night was the first cold night to try on her warmer pajamas. I had tried a toddler sleep sack a few weeks back and she did everything in her power to escape, so I knew it would have to be soft and comfortable PJ’s that we migrated to. And what fits better than footed fleece PJ’s? (yes, they do have adult sizes, too!). After tubby time, it was time to test drive the new pajamas. How could she not love the girly gray and pink leopard print fuzziness that she was about to surround her body with?

She obliged at putting on the footed pajamas at first, putting in her arms and cautiously putting in her legs. But as soon as the zipper started to come up, it was like wrestling a wild animal. I put her down on the ground where she tried to just rip it off her body. Then she sat down, trying desperately to rip off the feet. All the while yelling “Help, help, help! Out! Zip! Stuck! Help!” She then started rolling around trying to wiggle out of this nice cozy set of footed pajamas.

Considering she doesn’t sleep well anyway, we didn’t want her getting this worked up before bed. After 30 minutes or so, I helped her unzip and step out of them. She breathed a huge sigh of relief, said thank you, and pointed to her regular pajamas. After they were on, she snuggled over to me and closed her eyes and rested after her tiring battle with the evil footed pajamas.

I can only wonder what this means for Daddy and I during the teenage years.

P.S.: I also reviewed some of my favorite organic pajamas for my daughter when she was baby here:

The Best Organic Baby Pajamas

Completely Different the Second Time Around… (November 1, 2011)

After deciding we were ready to start trying for number 2, Bill and I thought, “how different could it be?” We had heard it all: Your life will change forever, no more going out, no more sleep (which then turns into she will sleep better once she is eating more solids, once she is napping, once she is walking, etc. – so far no one has been right!), and all of the other bad things they can think of. After 4 days of labor, nothing else is really that bad. Lack of sleep is a bit tough, but I have become quite efficient after just five hours of sleep.

My first pregnancy was great! No sickness, and no feeling pregnant until the last month really. I looked around at other pregnant friends, not understanding their pain — thinking of how easy it was. Well, round two has been a completely different story! Sick from the beginning, seven days a week. At 4 1/2 months it finally dropped to 3-4 times per week and that is a good week. It definitely makes me appreciate how good I had it the first time around.

The other challenge we are running into is names. With Carmella, we had her name within an hour of learning it was a girl. Again, this time around compleltely different! Sure, there are names that I love and ones that Bill loves, but none of these names fall on both lists. The challenge of finding something unique, yet not weird or too plain has been tough to overcome. I could never understand people that used baby name books — how hard could it be? Yet last week I bought this one! And no, it hasn’t made the process any easier. Of course, everyone wants to know the baby’s name right now. When they find out you are still thinking, they have a whole list of names to share with you. And while that’s helpful we still don’t have a name. So the search continues. Perhaps baby name book #2 is in the near future?

16 Months Going on 17! (October 19, 2011)

Our baby girl is growing up so fast! When we found out were having a girl, we briefly thought about the future (dating, wedding, grandkids), but that quickly vanished from our minds as one of those “I’ll deal with it when it comes” type of things. We were so excited for our daughter to arrive, and planning for the big day! Sitting here now, I reflect back on these past months and all the big steps she has taken so far: sitting up, rolling over, laughing at funny things (sometimes when she was younger I wasn’t sure how she knew certain dry things were funny — but she laughed!), laughing at inappropriate times (always funny looking back on it), talking, eating “big girl food,” drinking cow’s milk, and finally, walking! Last night she was running around the house calling herself “big girl” — in case anyone didn’t know. :)

She’s always been a happy girl, with the exception of bed time and naptime. Over the past few weeks, we have noticed a change in her… a change I wasn’t expecting to see until teenage years! A sudden interest in… boys?? Whenever she spots a boy, she will look at me with a happy glow and big smile, “oooh, a boy!” She’ll then wave furiously calling out “hi” and doing everything in her power to get to him. She even has a first words book with a picture of a little boy, which she kisses at every opportunity. Where did she pick up on this boy craziness? Along with the boy, she also showers her kisses and mwahs on all of her stuffed animals, animal pictures, Mommy, Daddy, Nonna, Grandpa, her cousins, and other family members.

It makes me sad to think my baby girl is growing up so fast, but happy to know she is caring and understands when someone needs a hug. She will be a great big sister. Now we just have to find out if she will be having a little brother or little sister!

(P.S. – you can read the answer here).

Big News! (October 19, 2011)

This is a little bit delayed, but it deserves its own post. Carmella is going to have a baby sister! We are all so excited, and I for one am already thinking about the cute matching Easter dresses! Now comes the hard part of picking the name…

A Smart Baby – Tougher Than You Think, Especially When She’s Sick (October 15, 2011)

Bill and I had always wondered, “Do you think she undertstands us?” Not necessarily the actual words, but the meaning of the words.

We learned soon enough after a quick shopping trip for a rug whether she did or not. Rug in hand, we headed to the register, but not before passing by an enormous Chrsitmas display (yes, it was the end of September!). All of a sudden, Carmella starts going crazy yelling about a snowman. Mind you, the only snowman she would have seen would have been in one of her books we read to her last winter, when she would have been about one. We were both shocked and took her into the winter wonderland to see if she truly knew what a snowman was. I picked up a moose decorated in a winter sweater and she says, “no, snowman!”

I tried a teddy bear with a winter hat. She handed him backing saying “Bear. No. Snowman.”

I handed her a plush snowman and her eyes lit up. She gave hima big hug and kiss, and grasped him with everything she had. A quick look to Bill and we both knew he was coming home. For those of you that know me I am the biggest Christmas fan, it’s my favorite holiday! But a snowman in September, well.. that’s even a bit early for me.

Snowman quickly was integrated into the nightly routine. She tells us when he’s tired, when he needs a pillow, and when he needs to go to “sleeping.”  I think he has the same bad sleeping patterns as her — two minutes after he goes to “sleeping,” he is back up. This happens at least 4-5 times. This sounds way too familiar to Bill and I…

That was the start of us understanding she could understand us, the day she got sick for the first time. We are lucky as it is the first time she has gotten sick in the 17 months of her life. And it was more of a cold with a fever than anything else. But baby girl was hit hard. Sneezes, which normally she laughs at (and was the first thing she did when she was born), became horrible experiences. Out came the tylenol and benadryl, and she was on the mend. Benadryl: why is the only flavor you sell around here cherry? Anything grape she’ll take no problem. Cherry, on the other hand, well that leads to a medicine battle. During this battle, Carmella has learned to negotiate. Yes, negotiate with a 17 month old. Where did she get these skills? I have no idea.

She hears the words “medicine time” and instantly becomes an ostrich. She will bury her head into anything – a bed, couch, mommy, or daddy. She occasionally lifts her head and clamps both hands over her mouth.

Last night was different. Daddy came in with the medicine and she instantly hid. Though after a minute, she said “ice cream.” Without thinking, I instantly said “if you take your medicine like a big girl, you can have some ice cream.”I got a dirty look from daddy, but she slowly sat up, hands over her mouth. She thought about it for a a second (or at least it looked like she did), uncovers her mouth, and says “ok.”  I repeated it and said you take your medicine you get some ice cream. She said okay, and opened her mouth taking the medicine with no fight. Immediately after taking it, she says “ok, ice cream.” We were both amazed that not only did she understand what we said, but by the fact that she seemed to understand you do this, you get something in return. Let’s hope tonight is as easy! Perhaps we should try negotiating to get her to sleep better…

First Summer Vacation (September 28, 2011)

So the exciting time has come! After one overnight trip to Martha’s Vineyard which was a success, we decided to take the plunge into our first extended stay family vacation. Sure, it was only a few nights to nearby Vermont, but for two people who are used to spending four weeks in Palm Desert, California every year and hadn’t gone anywhere in two years (except for Martha’s Vineyard), we felt excited just to be going for this short time.

Of course, everything changes when you have an extra half person traveling with you. Gone are the days of quickly packing a bag right before you run out the door. On top of the lists created, additional luggage, toys, and accessories also comes the strategic packing process of the car. It is a science quickly mastered due to the fact that if not, items will have to be left behind. And most likely those things won’t be the baby’s things!

A must have that I quickly learned we needed were bags with pockets. A not just a few pockets, lots of pockets! Organization is key, especially as you are driving down the highway in traffic, unable to pullover. If you have to stop, you want to be as efficient and fast as possible. You also want to be sure that you have as many activities ready as possible, because as much as of an angel as your child is, they are going to get bored. Sure Carmella can talk, but did she understand why we were driving for four hours? No, she was mad that she couldn’t get down and play and do things other than being trapped in her car seat. I’m sure having a built in DVD player probably would have helped, but neither of us being independently wealthy, we invested in a cheap $50 portable DVD player. This works great as long as it’s out of reach of someone’s hands; she finds it funny to slap the DVD player because it makes it start over (to which she then gets upset once she has to watch the same scenes again). Even the huge pile of books I brought along were used up in a matter of 30 minutes.

The method of planning also changes. Prior to Carmella, we looked for nice hotels with amenities. This trip we decided renting a house was best. Not only would it give us more space, it would be easier to prepare her food (and ours), but when she went to bed, we would have the rest of the house to use instead of being in the same (hotel) room she would be sleeping in.

The vacation was a great getaway for our family and it was fun to watch Carmella experience her first family vacation. I think her favorite parts were going out to eat for meals, shopping at the toy store, and going to her first farm. Of course the biggest change of being on vacation is the change in schedule. This relates to naps, feeding time, and the biggest change: bedtime.

Being the mother of a girl that hates sleep more than anything (it’s almost like she feels like she is missing out while she’s sleeping!), I figured, how bad could it be? She already gets up several times a night. Well, what a surprise I was in for. She slept great in the Pack n’ Play, which is surprising granted how uncomfortable they look! She actually slept better than she did at home! However, the Pack n’ Play was set up in our room. Once we got home and she was back in her room, the problems started. Being alone in her room, she started sleeping worse than before. And I use the term “sleep” loosely. Literally, she was getting up every hour and wanting to come into our room.

A few days later, Hurricane Irene came to visit and nicely knocked out our power for five days. The poor girl was very confused about what was going on, and believe it or not things got worse yet again. Our drama queen would not only cry, but gag to the point where if left alone, she will throw up if no one goes in fast enough for her. Even when the power came back on, she still was acting this way! Luckily, last night, for the first time in over a month, she slept through the night – and in sleeping through the night, I mean getting up only once. Hopefully she outgrows this before baby number two comes along.

So, all in all, summer vacation was great. It gave me plenty of time with Carmella and my husband, but at a huge cost: our sleep.  Is a vacation with a 15 month old really a vacation? Not like the ones we’re used to. It’s different. Instead of pampering ourselves, this vacation was about opening up a whole new experience to this little one. Pristine mountains, rushing rivers, massive animal farms, more driving than she had ever hoped for, and a whole lot of time with her two favorite people. Hopefully this is one of her earliest memories.

How Am I Going to Do This? (August 16, 2011)

As I sit here trying to determine how to start this blog, a million ideas are going through my head. The biggest though being, “how am I doing to do this?” My passion is science, and my profession is accounting — neither of which contribute to being a stellar writer. I have a boy crazy 17 month old who despises sleep and loves to play the game of being mommy’s shadow when I’m home. Then, there is the pile of dishes and laundry and fun house chores amounting faster than I ever realized they would. Last, but by no means least, is my amazing husband, who is more helpful than he will ever know. Even with the stresses of being self-employed and working based on client deadlines, he is an amazing father and a supportive partner.

The purpose of this blog is to share all my stories and thoughts on things that happen every day. Being a mom of a smart, curious, stubborn, and even a little spicy (to which I will blame on my Sicilian heritage) 17 month old girl, there is so much I have learned and still so much more I am looking to learn. I hope this blog inspires other moms (and dads) to share in our adventures and post some of your own in the comments. I also hope to build a history in a way for my children. Something for them to look back on and enjoy.

With another baby on the way, our lives are just going to get busier. What better way to chronicle our journey and this hectic period of our lives? Looking back, I wish I had started this sooner — documenting all of our journey starting in April 2010. But knowing Carmella there will be plenty of stories to come…

Baby Carmella after tubby time