And school begins again!

Life has been so different since COVID-19. March 2020 saw all the schools shut down followed quickly by all non-essential business including restaurants. The kids moved to remote learning and spent an extra few months together as they navigated the new school process. And while it was a tough period, the flip side was that the kids got to spend time together that they hadn’t had since before they even started school. The remote learning continued for 3 months – and while there was plenty of math and english, there were also some fun events like scavenger hunts, etc. The pool was a lifesaver – legit lifesaver. The kids were in it almost every hot day this summer and we now have 3 fully capable swimmers and one semi-swimmer!!

The first “big” day trip we went on was heading off to Newport for the day. With COVID that means all kinds of pre-planning – and more “things” to pack for this adventure out. In planning the trip we had to limit drinks so we wouldn’t have to use a PUBLIC bathroom. Because EW in normal times, but NO WAY in COVID times. On our adventure down we explored the streets of Newport via the car. Showing the kids around town as if we were a Celebrity House tour bus in LA. We packed snacks and everything we could possibly need. Except for one thing. A kite. We drove by the mansions and the kids were able to take their pictures and pick out their future houses that they will live in. I have adding a Newport mansion tour to the list of things to do post COVID – but back to the current. We decide to go to the state beach and watch the sailboats. After 3 months of being contained in the house, the kids were more then happy with a change of scenery.

After pulling in we saw HIM. Bearer of happiness and fun and helping them forget about this new crazy time we are living in. Bill set off to check out the goods and make the big decision. He came back with his selection and the kids were already loosing the tension, anxiety and stress they had built up over the past couple of months. After a quick build of the kite we were off to the field to find an isolated spot. It was the perfect wind and the perfect temperature for being outside next to the beach flying a kite.

Anytime you venture out with the Tribe there is always an adventure. Well after peacefully flying for a bit we hit a snafu. A Nihill tripped and went down while flying the kite and the kite made its first (yes first) attempt to reach the sun. Luckily another Nihill standing close by was able to grab the string and wrangle our rogue kite down. Go through a few more turns of who gets to fly the kite when our kite had had enough. It took advantage of a strong wind and slipped through the tiny fingers and headed for the sky. Gaining speed the kite now had the seven of us running after it. The kite made one mistake and that was heading toward a bunch of trees. The string got tangled and luckily the kite was slowed enough. After detangling our string from the tree we made our way back to the field to complete the flying lesson. After a few minutes more we headed back to the car and started to pack up. No trip would be complete without an icy lemonade on a hot day! We quickly ran over to Dell’s lemonade and grabbed drinks for the Tribe before heading home.