A Time for Celebration and Remembrance… (April 8, 2012)

Ah yes, the life of a busy mom. In my downtime of waiting for the Easter bunny to arrive I thought it was time to finally post. I now join the rank of moms that use the “I have two kids” line not as an excuse but as a reality as to why I will likely be late to wherever it is that we have to go. I don’t want it to be that way and pre-kids I was always the early one. But someone always needs to eat or be changed literally as we go to the car.

We welcome Alexa Torrey Nihill, born March 1st!

Let’s go back for a minute since it’s been so long.  Alexa Torrey was born March 1st, at 11:43pm weighing 9 pounds and measuring 20.25 inches. She was a good two weeks late and the eviction notice had to be posted by my midwife breaking my water! Perhaps too much information but that’s how labor started (along with a little Pitocin). My labor/delivery was much faster this time (thank you Alexa!) and after heavy labor of 5 hours and pushing for 25 minutes Alexa was born. In some ways she is much easier – as in she likes to sleep! Though she also likes to eat…. She will think nothing of nursing until she has had everything possible and then drinking another 4 oz or so on top of that! Gone are my worries of having to pump in front of Carmella and now I have the worries of when can I pump when Alexa isn’t going to need to eat! At our two week visit she had put on 2 pounds and grew an inch – will she be the tall one in the family?

Carmella, who had been staying with my parents for the days I was in the hospital, was the first one I wanted to see as a visitor. I couldn’t wait to see her reaction and also to see if we needed to build a positive relationship between the girls. The first meeting went great and has been awesome since! Carmella knew right away that the baby was Alexa and wanted to see her and touch her and even help hold her. She has been the biggest help with Alexa – sometimes more help than mommy needs :) She always greets Lexa (Carmella decided to drop the A for her nickname) with a huge smile and kiss and hug in the morning. You can just tell she can’t wait until Lexa is a bit more mobile and able to play. Until then Carmella is content with bringing Lexa all of her toys – sometimes all at once, helping her when her binky falls out, helping to feed her, and most importantly telling Bill or I when she I crying and making sure one of us comes immediately.

We welcome Alexa Torrey Nihill, born March 1st!

For our first big adventure out the double stroller needed to be put together. We put it off due to lack of time and before we knew it there I was, needing it. After putting it together (3 hours later!) and hauling it to the car we were finally on our way. Little did I know, driving a double stroller feels a bit like driving a school bus on the sidewalk. And to my surprise people do not get out of the way. In the beginning I was going around people. Then, and for those of you that know me this isn’t a surprise, I got tired of it. Here I was the one with the double stroller and two kids! These people could move aside and did not have to walk side by side on the sidewalk as we passed.

In Memory of Leanna Belocas: Please support Leanna’s Legacy!

And while March was filled with celebration of Alexa, the beginning of April always starts off as a time of remembrance for the Nihill family. We lost our niece to SIDS 13 years ago this year and it has always been a time of reflection for me – aching with sadness for my sister in law and her family, as well as all of my friends and family that have angels lost to miscarriage, as I can’t imagine the pain of having to go through that and I am so thankful for my girls and two nieces. It’s times like these where you really take a step back and realize that while life isn’t perfect, you need to live each day as fully as possible as no one knows what tomorrow holds.

And while there is a lot of speculation as to why SIDS occurs, there is also a lack of information out there for people. Each year my sister in law has planned an event in memory of her daughter and donated the funds to the Mass Center for SIDS http://www.bmc.org/pediatrics-MA-SIDS.htm . Leanna’s Legacy auction fundraiser this year will take place in Kingston, MA at the Hilltop Club May 4, 2012 from 7-midnight with tickets $20 in advance and $25 at the door.  Donations are also graciously accepted. The funds raised from this night of remembrance will be donated to the center which funds research regarding SIDS along with providing resources for bereavement in deaths related to SIDS. These services were indispensable to my sister in law and her family and critical for any family dealing with this type of loss. To get more information on the event please visit: http://leannatbelocas.com/

Alexa enjoys mat time.

After taking the time for this remembrance we will be celebrating Carmella’s second birthday! Seriously, where does the time go??? I feel like I was just on maternity leave with her, and now her personality is shining through strongly. I think Bill and I are going to have our hands full with this little girl – and with her accents and phrases (“Oh my GOD!”; “WHAT??”) she belongs on Real Housewives of New Jersey (and no, she has never seen the show)! Little Einsteins is the theme, though she will be sharing the day with celebrating her sister’s christening too. I see a lot of cute pictures coming out of that day with the two of them dressed up!

Well it’s off to bed to make sure we leave time for the Easter Bunny to visit and to planning a bit more of this party (hopefully a vacation, too)!

Happy Easter!

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