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California Dreamin’

Welcome to the Nest!

My name is Danielle and I started this blog as a way to capture all of the memories and adventures that we have as a family of seven with our #tribeoffive kids. We have our hands full with our #tribeoffive and every day is an adventure – sometimes fun, other times chaos, and maybe a little bit of craziness. In our over 20 years together, my partner in crime (Bill), and I have driven cross country 2 1/2 times, spent an amazing amount of time in California and a favorite past time is visiting all of our amazing National Parks in this beautiful country we call home. I look forward to the years ahead when we can share these places with our children and create new memories as we revisit old adventures.

The COVID-19 quarantine was, and continues to be, a challenging time for a lot of people. Lost jobs, lost contact with friends, homeschooling (ah the adventures of teaching 4 grades while working full time will provide stories for years and years) and other negatives. But on the flip side it has given us so much family time together. The kids have bonded closely together – and while we are careful that we don’t get to the pack mentality, it is amazing to see them relying on each other and helping each other. Kilian has had the advantage of spending so much time with his older siblings and “going to school” with them by sitting side by side as they completed their work. They all have had their moments – and will continue to as nothing is perfect. But for now I am focusing on the positive and the lifelong sibling bonds they are building. Our daily beach trips have been a great mental release for everyone and we are so thankful to live so close to the shore.

Now – onto the next chapter!