….And then there were 5! (August 13, 2017)

What a year! Here we are, another year another Nihill! Little brother will be arriving at the end of October and the tribe is excited!

Road Trip of Life!

Its been an amazing year! Filled with the kids meeting new friends, new adventures including DISNEY! and the beginning of the back yard renovation!! The kids are growing up so fast and life is getting a little crazy, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Disney was an interesting chapter in building the memories in the Nihill history book. 2 of us, 4 of them and all of the luggage and everything else  that goes along with a Disney adventure! We chose to surprise the kids the morning we were leaving, which entailed waking up at 4:30am. Let’s just say the reception was less than optimal! Carmella wanted to leave later – because she was just too tired to leave for Disney, Alexa was excited, and Gabs and Jack curled up on the couch together and went to sleep! After piling all of the kids and luggage in the limo with our driver who was not a morning person – or a kid person – we were under way! I’m sure there are youtube videos circling of us getting the two double strollers, 2 large suitcases, all of the carry-ons and the kids through the airport to our gate. After conquering the security area we were in! and the kids were finally waking up! We board the plane and Bill and I divide and conquer the littles. Jack comes with me and Gabs with him. Jack slept for the first 10 minutes and then woke up in time for snacks. He decided to reach in and grab a handful – and then licked them right away. Sorry – can’t really hand those back to the stewardess – almost like he knew and he wanted a stash of chips. We landed and headed to our magical bus ride which would whisk us away to our hotel (after an 1 1/2 hour wait – who knew there would even be a wait! not us ) but after finally getting on the bus we head to our hotel – which was so perfect for us in all aspects! The days in the parks were crazy and busy but so fun! The kids brought back more memories that I even knew they had. I always thought a Disney trip would be a one and done for us – though now I can’t wait to go back :)

Sister love!
Nihill’s Take on Disney December 2016!

It was also Carmella’s first year of cheerleading! She has found a sport that she loves and I am so excited!! This year we are onto a competition team – woohoo!

Go Titans!

We also had our first family pictures taken – which came out incredible thanks to a close family friend – little did we know that we would eventually have one more Nihill in the mix (October 2017 – fast approaching!).I look at this picture and realize how fast the time is going. I see the baby faces captured and look into the faces of the kids now seeing how they have changed. I see the excitement and happiness of the future ahead. I look forward to building all of the memories with all of our friends – both current and future. I see the potential stories in our future that Bill and I will one day share with our grandkids. I think of all of the craziness of today and wouldn’t change a thing. We always wanted a big family and never realized the strong bonds that would form between the kids. On a daily basis we hear the same story lines – you have your hands full, here comes the team, you finally got your boy, etc. And at this point I have learned to block out these comments. I lean on the happy memories, and I am so grateful I have the best husband to travel on this adventure with. I appreciate how lucky I am and how we have built a strong little family. Stay tuned for the next adventures in store for the Nihill tribe!

Family Photo October 2016

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