Can you carry my hand, mommy? (August 3, 2016)

Well here we are – its been embarrassingly long since I have written and it makes me sad that some of the memories I intended to memorialize here will be a distant thought on the road of life. However onward and upward and here’s to catching the rest of the them (well most of them)!

Life has been so crazy over the past few years. We added a couple more Nihill’s (Gabs and Jack) to bring us to 6! It’s not easy by any means but it is our life and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The girls adore their new brother and wait on him hand and foot, constantly. The little guy is getting spoiled already!

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The other day when walking up the stairs to bed with Gabby (who is 2 1/2 – when did that happen?), she asked me to carry her hand. Not her (which is usually the case) or her water (she is the most hydrated kid I know!) but her hand. Her little fingers held on tight as if she might slip down the stairs, and for those of you who know her in person she is super strong, mentally and physically (she was born with abs of steel), she very independent and she loves her space. But…. She knew she was tired and she knew to ask for help and she wasn’t afraid of asking for help. One of the most important things we want to instill in our kids is the ability to always ask for help without any judgement being passed and knowing that Bill and I will always be there for them. No matter what age you are – everyone needs help. And some people need more encouragement to ask for help than others.

The kids are growing like weeds – I can’t believe time is moving so fast! Carmella is wrapping up Kindergarten. The growth she has shown is amazing – reading and writing, keeping a journal and math problems that she can do in her head!

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Lexa is wrapping up year one of preschool and thanks to Carmella’s teaching she knows how to write her name, read basic words and understands basic concepts of math. Gabs has taken on the role of reading to Jack. She may not know how to read the words but she has become very creative when using the pictures to tell her what is going on .

It was also an exciting month as we went on our first “family vacation” to the Great North. We went to Storyland and Santa’s Village which was perfect for the kids! Storyland had a bunch of fun rides and activities for the kids, and Carmella and Lexa even got to go on a few of the big kid rides. Though we discovered Carmella loves water rides and Lexa not so much. Funny how different they can be. Carmella went on her first real roller coaster, the Roarosauraus but I don’t think she was impressed. She’d rather go for another ride around in the water boats. Lexa and Gabs liked driving the old cars – Gabs took her role so seriously! Santa’s Village was the Nihill fav. Lots of rides and Christmas stuff ( who doesn’t love Christmas?) and even real reindeer! The kids graduated elf school by meeting all of their elf friends along the way between rides. The final day of vacation we decided last minute to conquer Mt. Washington. Thank god Bill was driving – taking the Suburban up there was no easy feat. The kids had a blast looking at the view and we even got a family photo at the sign (sorry Jack! Next time for you). Now onto planning our next vacation – wherever that may lead! Carmella voted for Canada and Lexa wants New York – we shall see!

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