Change, Change, Change (January 4, 2013)

Well here we are again and this time it has been seven months. “Two kids” excuse definitely is not flying anymore. By this time we should have a routine!

I have to admit that I am writing this post with a heavy heart tonight. Bill and I went to the wake of a dear friend’s brother – which is always hard, but when it is someone so young around the holidays and from an accident – it makes it so much worse. While our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family, I can’t help but appreciate the little things in life, and the people that matter most. The kids are getting extra hugs and things that normally would be an everyday occurrence are appreciated more. As a mother I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child and as a sister I can’t imagine the pain of losing a brother. Our thoughts are with the Bryan family during this difficult time – in memory of William Bryan III.

Realizing that I have seven months to cover we may need to take more than one post. SO many things have changed! Alexa is now my big girl! Eating pizza and bread and just about walking at 10 months. She is chatting up a storm which I am sure her sister will love when they can have a conversation. Crawling at 6 months meant going as fast as possible with an outstretched finger towards the light sockets. Thanks to our electrician, the entire bottom floor and the kid’s rooms have been outfitted with child proof sockets! Carmella is the doting big sister. Always watching Alexa and making sure she doesn’t get into trouble. Although she did try to lure her up the stairs by saying “Come here little girl, you can do it”. hmmmmmm

The other big news is our new house. So much more space. Bill has his own office, and by that I mean he is no longer working in the middle of the living room – a win for everyone! And Bill and I have turned into soon to be landlords. Thanks to the wonderful economy we are stuck, I mean we are lucky to have, a beautiful 2 bedroom townhouse with an attached garage. Renting during the holiday season has been an adventure – one I hope is coming to an end soon….

Also we have our first girl’s vacation this summer! Nonna, mommy, Carmella and Alexa headed off to Plymouth to give daddy some time to paint the old house. Everyone behaved themselves and no sleeping issues, always a plus! Right after that vacation is when the house hunt/purchase went full swing. For those of you who have packed and moved with two kids – I give you so much credit; it is one of the hardest things to do. I’m not talking about just physically moving from one house to another, but the actual task of packing as fast as you can before a little hand reaches into that box and starts to explore the contents of each one. Never mind the unpacking once you get to the new house. My new outlook on this is if you have two kids or more – moving is likely not worth it! Of course now that we are settled I will admit I am loving my new house!

Christmas also came and went so quickly this year. Santa spoiled the girls with a train set and a baby doll crib which has turned the supposed to be living room into Play Room #2. And we adopted two Elf on the Shelf – Vanilla and George, silly boys they were. Hiding in stockings, hanging on the ceiling and swinging on the lights.

Unfortunately the week between Christmas and New Year’s both girls were sick with the cough that everyone else seems to have. New Year’s Eve we celebrated with the cousins for dinner. It was the first time they actually played together and the adults could sit and have a conversation! Progress! And it was the first year that Carmella fell asleep BEFORE the ball dropped on TV. It’s also the year for the one resolution that I am sticking to. My resolution is to not make excuses. Seems simple enough though it is harder then it seems. Realizing that the reason I don’t have time to do something is because I made time to do something else instead. No one’s fault but my own! What it has shown me is that I need to use my time wisely and make time for the important things that matter. Sometimes play time on the train table or in the princess tent is a bit more important then unpacking……

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