Completely Different the Second Time Around… (November 1, 2011)

After deciding we were ready to start trying for number 2, Bill and I thought, “how different could it be?” We had heard it all: Your life will change forever, no more going out, no more sleep (which then turns into she will sleep better once she is eating more solids, once she is napping, once she is walking, etc. – so far no one has been right!), and all of the other bad things they can think of. After 4 days of labor, nothing else is really that bad. Lack of sleep is a bit tough, but I have become quite efficient after just five hours of sleep.

My first pregnancy was great! No sickness, and no feeling pregnant until the last month really. I looked around at other pregnant friends, not understanding their pain — thinking of how easy it was. Well, round two has been a completely different story! Sick from the beginning, seven days a week. At 4 1/2 months it finally dropped to 3-4 times per week and that is a good week. It definitely makes me appreciate how good I had it the first time around.

The other challenge we are running into is names. With Carmella, we had her name within an hour of learning it was a girl. Again, this time around compleltely different! Sure, there are names that I love and ones that Bill loves, but none of these names fall on both lists. The challenge of finding something unique, yet not weird or too plain has been tough to overcome. I could never understand people that used baby name books — how hard could it be? Yet last week I bought this one! And no, it hasn’t made the process any easier. Of course, everyone wants to know the baby’s name right now. When they find out you are still thinking, they have a whole list of names to share with you. And while that’s helpful we still don’t have a name. So the search continues. Perhaps baby name book #2 is in the near future?

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