Glucose Tests and Christmas 2011 (January 20, 2012)

Two months! I thought maybe a couple of weeks I might fall behind here, but where has the time gone? Has it really been two months since my last post? This definitely shows I need more “me” time – but for mommies that won’t happen for at least another 18+ years.

Looking back on the past two months so much has happened. I got the dreaded call no pregnant woman wants to hear. The call where the nurse says your glucose numbers were a little high.

Carmella talking on her new phone, Christmas 2011.

A little? As in enough to be concerned? And of course, just enough to be tortured by the 3 hour test, which is started after a 12 hour fast. How can that be healthy for a pregnant woman? Clearly a pregnant woman did not design that test… I suffered through the test armed with the advice from friends: dress comfortably, bring snacks to eat before you drive home, and work – well they said magazines, but a CPA going into tax season working during the 3 hours was a necessity.

They were kind enough to serve me a bottle of the glucola drink they typically serve at the start of the session, whose orangey-metallic-sweet taste brought me back to the days of Teeni drinks. At the end of the test, I was so woozy I could barely stand. Note to self: if there is a next time, schedule someone to pick you up!

We also have been playing the name game over the past few months, which is finally down to the final two. We now have our first choice and a backup in case of a last minute change. The big question now is how much will she look like her big sister? The ultrasound pics have them looking pretty alike, but you never know!

Her new favorite pals, just in time for Christmas: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

This past Christmas we had the fun of introducing Carmella to the guy in the big red suit – Santa Claus!! And while he was very intimidating when seen in person, she was in love with the idea that someone was bringing her presents if she left him milk and cookies (and pizza — her all time favorite food!). Though, one concept she didn’t seem to understand or even want to understand was that she needed to be good in order to receive presents.

Christmas was a bit overwhelming for her and after a few presents, she said “all done.” At least she liked handing presents out to everyone else. Christmas Eve after getting home late from a family Christmas party and falling asleep in the car, she woke herself up to insist on leaving Santa milk and cookies before bed. The best part of Christmas morning for her was waking up and seeing that Santa had left a half bitten cookie on the plate. She promptly finished it off and then surveyed the gifts under the tree while still chewing.

One of her favorite gifts this year was her pretend kitchen. She loves to cook for her baby dolls and stuffed animals. Last night she “made” coffee for her sister in the pretend kitchen and poured it on my belly – I guess we have to work on that… though she heats up her baby’s food in her microwave and yells “hot, hot!” when she take it out and blows on it to cool it down for them.

Wrapped in a towel, this 21 month old still likes to be treated like a baby!

The next big change is starting to set up for the baby — I figure with 5 weeks to go, we should probably start soon! Packing my bag and Carmella’s is on the top of the list, just in case someone decides to make an early appearance.

baby reading
Carmella with jaw agape at the sight of her new gingerbread man.

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