Here we go again!

Life has been crazy over the past 10 years – how has it been so long? 5 kids later….a new house….. new jobs…… new adventures – so many NEW things! Its time to get back to the roots. The purpose of starting the blog was to log all of the memories that have been happening. With the journey of life passing us by at the speed of light – in juggling the demands of 5 kids, two parents working full time and all of the adventures along the way its time for me to come back to the Nest. The memories have been made and more are coming. I want to build a space for my kids to have parked memories. To be able to read a few words and be transported back to the memory of the day. The first week or two will be dedicated to bringing back the old memories. From there we will journey onto the future!

July 4th to celebrate our Nation’s birthday! What is better then matching shirts? #tribeoffive

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