How Am I Going to Do This? (August 16, 2011)

As I sit here trying to determine how to start this blog, a million ideas are going through my head. The biggest though being, “how am I doing to do this?” My passion is science, and my profession is accounting — neither of which contribute to being a stellar writer. I have a boy crazy 17 month old who despises sleep and loves to play the game of being mommy’s shadow when I’m home. Then, there is the pile of dishes and laundry and fun house chores amounting faster than I ever realized they would. Last, but by no means least, is my amazing husband, who is more helpful than he will ever know. Even with the stresses of being self-employed and working based on client deadlines, he is an amazing father and a supportive partner.

The purpose of this blog is to share all my stories and thoughts on things that happen every day. Being a mom of a smart, curious, stubborn, and even a little spicy (to which I will blame on my Sicilian heritage) 17 month old girl, there is so much I have learned and still so much more I am looking to learn. I hope this blog inspires other moms (and dads) to share in our adventures and post some of your own in the comments. I also hope to build a history in a way for my children. Something for them to look back on and enjoy.

With another baby on the way, our lives are just going to get busier. What better way to chronicle our journey and this hectic period of our lives? Looking back, I wish I had started this sooner — documenting all of our journey starting in April 2010. But knowing Carmella there will be plenty of stories to come…

Baby Carmella after tubby time

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