Our Adventures

  • ….And then there were 5! (August 13, 2017)
    What a year! Here we are, another year another Nihill! Little brother will be arriving at the end of October and the tribe is excited! Its been an amazing year! Filled with the kids meeting new friends, new adventures including DISNEY! and the beginning of the back yard renovation!! The kids are growing up so fast and life is getting a little crazy, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything! Disney was an interesting chapter in building the memories in the Nihill history book. 2 of us, 4 of them and all of the luggage and everything else  that goes …Read more
  • The School Bell Rings! (September 19, 2016)
    It is with mixed emotions that people across the country send their children back to school. Some are starting school for the first time, others will be starting school for the last time. And some are in the middle ground with years ahead and years behind them! The Nihill Clan is back to school! Carmella is starting up first grade in the school that she started preschool in 3 years ago – how has time gone by so fast!!!! With school starting new challenges are arising like how to get her to eat lunch – buying lunch, bringing lunch or …Read more
  • The Last Firsts (August 8, 2016)
    The time has come and Bill and I are experiencing our last firsts and with it brings a range of emotions. The last first time of hearing your own baby laugh for the first time. Not a gas giggle but a big, belly laugh. The last time of watching your baby learn how to move their hands and fingers – and be amazed by seeing that they control how their fingers work. The last time of watching them work their fingers in a way to bring a tiny crumb of bread from their tray to their mouth. Seeing them recognize …Read more
  • Can you carry my hand, mommy? (August 3, 2016)
    Well here we are – its been embarrassingly long since I have written and it makes me sad that some of the memories I intended to memorialize here will be a distant thought on the road of life. However onward and upward and here’s to catching the rest of the them (well most of them)! Life has been so crazy over the past few years. We added a couple more Nihill’s (Gabs and Jack) to bring us to 6! It’s not easy by any means but it is our life and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The girls …Read more
  • Back to the Nest! (June 5, 2015)
    Well, I’m ashamed to say that this is at least the tenth time I have sat down to write my first post. My first post since my not so new job, the latest addition to the Nihill family, and the loss of a matriarch of our family! Life gets busy and while that is no excuse for the lack of memories documented over the past couple of years and it is my inspiration for coming back! So many things have happened including Gabby’s 1st birthday! The addition to one more in the clan has without a doubt added chaos to …Read more