The Perfect Pants (November 14, 2011)

Everyone loves a pair of perfect pants, whether it be our favorite pair of jeans, sweats, or pajama pants. Some of us love them much more than others. Carmella, as luck would have it, is in the “much more than others” category. She also already has a shoe obsession and loves to try to put on mommy’s 4 inch heels. After getting frustrated she will take the shoe and put it “away” wherever she decides it goes. But pants, well, apparently this is a whole seperate category.

Carmella wearing her organic pajamas (rifling into the Trick or Treat bucket — don’t worry we hid the candy!)

It started last week with these adorable swishy, comfy cargo Carter’s pants. As soon as her little legs were in them, she started thrashing like a newly caught fish, yelling “no! shorts! no no no!”

Carmella wearing her organic pajamas (rifling into the Trick or Treat bucket — don’t worry we hid the candy!)

I eventually ended the battle by giving in and changing her into some soft cotton pants. Who wants to be in uncomfortable pants all day? Jeans are something that I can’t get her to wear yet – and she has so many cute pairs! Though, I started putting her in jeggings – and as long as they are slightly loose, there is no complaining or trying to break free. She lets us know when they are too tight by saying “stuck, off! What a big personality she is growing…

The next incident was with some cute stretch pants I had bought. Again, the commentary started right away. “No! Mommy, stuck! Stuck! Help! Help!” Again after trying to convince her how cute they were, she kept yelling “Stuck! Help!” on the verge of tears. I changed her this time into her Juicy Couture track suit pants. Immediate happiness washed over her and she started touching the pants saying “yes, nice, nice,” and nodding her head.

I started to think back to last year. I got an amazing deal on baby Juicy Couture tracksuits and she lived in them all fall and winter. And while she does have a few toddler sizes, the deals just haven’t been as good since. Maybe it’s just Mommy being frugal? Those suits add up fast when you have one for each day of the week! Though I will admit they are super comfy, and they lasted the entire season still looking practically brand new. I think that she liked that they weren’t too tight or thick, yet still kept her nice and warm.

Well, last night we had a new issue with pants – not day pants, but this time PJ pants. The pajamas that she seemed most comfortable in were Ecoland organic pajamas. Not only were they super soft and durable (Baby Nihill #2 has a whole collection waiting for her!), they were a great fit. Sometimes I think Carmella thought she was a Kung-Fu warrior with her karate suit on with the way she would kick around in them.

Now that it’s getting chillier here in New England, I made the executive decision it was time for warmer pajamas. Last night was the first cold night to try on her warmer pajamas. I had tried a toddler sleep sack a few weeks back and she did everything in her power to escape, so I knew it would have to be soft and comfortable PJ’s that we migrated to. And what fits better than footed fleece PJ’s? (yes, they do have adult sizes, too!). After tubby time, it was time to test drive the new pajamas. How could she not love the girly gray and pink leopard print fuzziness that she was about to surround her body with?

She obliged at putting on the footed pajamas at first, putting in her arms and cautiously putting in her legs. But as soon as the zipper started to come up, it was like wrestling a wild animal. I put her down on the ground where she tried to just rip it off her body. Then she sat down, trying desperately to rip off the feet. All the while yelling “Help, help, help! Out! Zip! Stuck! Help!” She then started rolling around trying to wiggle out of this nice cozy set of footed pajamas.

Considering she doesn’t sleep well anyway, we didn’t want her getting this worked up before bed. After 30 minutes or so, I helped her unzip and step out of them. She breathed a huge sigh of relief, said thank you, and pointed to her regular pajamas. After they were on, she snuggled over to me and closed her eyes and rested after her tiring battle with the evil footed pajamas.

I can only wonder what this means for Daddy and I during the teenage years.

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