The Perfect Snack for the Self Feeder (January 21, 2012)

Carmella getting ready to munch on some finger foods in her high chair.

Let me start off by saying that Carmella is not the typical kid when it comes to getting messy and playing – at least not yet anyways. For example, at her first birthday party, when most kids would be diving into the frosting, eating cake and making the biggest mess possible, she gently poked the cake, and after realizing she had frosting on her finger said “yuck,” and waved around her hand until it was cleaned. It also comes in handy as she will help clean up the house! Random things that end up on the floor she will throw away. She will unpack groceries and best of all, she even helps do the dishes and fold laundry, and will even put hers away in her bureau drawers!

Along with developing a sense of wanting to help everyone else no matter what they are doing, she also wants to help herself more. This is challenging when you have a toddler desperate to feed themselves while not getting dirty (she calls it “self” when she feeds herself). Luckily, some finger foods she will take a few bites and then needs to wipe her hands on the napkins — like pizza. Yogurt she has mastered (for the most part) eating with a spoon. Fruits and veggies she will eat as finger foods as most of them aren’t messy.

However, when we are out somewhere or need a fast snack pack, smoothie pouches have become her favorite. We always used them with her, but now the best part is that she can “self” and there is no mess! Now if only she would branch out with the flavors she liked…

Here are some of Carmella’s current favorites that I order on Amazon:

Ella’s Strawberry Smoothie Pouches

She really loves strawberries, so it’s no wonder she loves this one. It smells really good and authentic, not filled with juice or sugars. This can be kept in the fridge or served at room temperature. I usually choose room temp, and she seems to prefer it that way. Ella’s also makes a larger size of the strawberry flavor smoothie pouch that has apples and other fruits added into the mix.

Plum Organic Pumpkin Banana

This is an all time favorite of hers. She sometimes eats it room temperature now, but she used to love this heated for 15 seconds in the microwave with some rice cereal added for extra texture. Smells great, and it has one veggie I know I could never get her to eat otherwise: pumpkin! These also have a high volume of ounces compared to other brands, and have great reviews from other parents. Plum Organic also makes another variety she used to like called purple carrot blueberry, but that fell out favor now that she’s older.

Revolution Foods Organic Fruit Squeeze Tropical Blend

“Tropical” as Carmella calls it, takes the cake as the current favorite. She prefers this more than any other smoothie pouch. It’s smaller in size than some of the other pouches, but since she is preferring solid foods more and more, this is the perfect size for her age (21 months). I bought it in bulk because she was sucking these things down faster than I could keep in stock!

A little hint with these items: if you sign up for the Amazon subscribe and save option, you can save 15%, but you aren’t necessarily obligated to buy again. You just have to make sure to log into your account to change the ship date, or you can delete the item if you don’t want it again.

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