The School Bell Rings! (September 19, 2016)

It is with mixed emotions that people across the country send their children back to school. Some are starting school for the first time, others will be starting school for the last time. And some are in the middle ground with years ahead and years behind them!

The Nihill Clan is back to school!

Carmella is starting up first grade in the school that she started preschool in 3 years ago – how has time gone by so fast!!!!

Carmella 1st day of 1st Grade
carmella cheer 4

With school starting new challenges are arising like how to get her to eat lunch – buying lunch, bringing lunch or a combo of the two. There are also the challenges of balancing her schedule of schoolwork with cheerleading, girl scouts and then her sisters activities. The year has started off great so far! She has an amazing teacher and a great group of friends – though she is missing some she left behind last year. Carmella has found her “thing” – cheerleading!

Carmella Cheer! 2016

She loves it! She practices  day and night and even has her sisters and Jack doing the right moves.

Jack cheerleading!
lexa 1st day prek2

Alexa is back to preschool for the second year and so excited to see her old friends and make some new friends. The summer was complete with a boat cruise with her preschool friends and families! She loves school and LOVES seeing her friends every day!

gabby and jack

Gabby and Jack are spending some quality bonding time together and Gabby is teaching Jack all of her tricks :/ Good, bad and otherwise…. Gabby has come into her own and is starting to get herself ready for preschool next year. With two bigger sisters she only has motivation to learn from the best!

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