A day for us

Today was one of those days. One of those perfect, want to hold onto forever days. The boys have reached the point where they are best friends and the girls have been so helpful in helping with the boys from reading books to playing games. And the older girls have been helping Gabby learn to read!


Weekends in pre-COVID times were always crazy. Rushing here and there to cheer, Girl Scouts, birthday parties and all other “normal” weekend activities. COVID has made us take a pause and start to focus on family time. What other time will the kids get to spend this much time bonding together. We have been spending a lot of time together – remote learning, remote working and limited activities until COVID is behind us. It makes finding safe activities to escape hard to come by.

We have taken advantage of Grandpa having a good year with moving the Snowy Owl’s and attending some outside releases while inviting some of our friends along in a social distancing way.

We even brought an owl to visit an injured friend that missed out on one of the releases before the owl went on its way home. And our Valentine’s day tree is up because who couldn’t use a little extra pink cheer!

Valentine’s Day tree!

But TODAY was one of those amazing days! Bill and I got spoiled by waking up to Valentine’s cards and ornaments made by the kids decorating the kitchen table. The older girls made the younger ones breakfast which got everyone off on the right foot today. And tonight was MOVIE night! It was a day to step back – away from everything we had to do, including laundry (which can be 8-10 loads during the weekend on a good week!), cleaning up, and cleaning out (the dumpster just left after 3 weeks). A day to just focus on us and fun instead of all of the obligations of life. Those will be there tomorrow and we will work a little harder to get through those in one day. Today was about building memories and giving ourselves the time to reset that everyone needed. And a ride to the ocean is also so refreshing for the soul.

Brant Rock – January, 2021

Another great bonus to the weekend – the sunroom which we have spent 3 years rebuilding is finally almost complete! The room has been quite an adventure – first a tree through the room, to rebuilding the entire room, to creating a work at home space for Alexa! Now its a toy free relaxing zone!

Log cabin theme sunroom – dreaming of when we have hot chocolates and watch the snow fall outside

So lucky to have these kids – and so lucky that they will always have each other! Onto to more adventures with #tribeoffive


Wrangling the tribe is never easy 🙂 The ladies went off to walking club and the boys and I went off to pick up the supplies for tonight!

After a full spread of apps we were ready for our movie – complete with matching shirts and socks for the kiddos – Sonic the Hedgehog here we come. Popcorn and movie candy all around!

So focused…..

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