The Last Firsts (August 8, 2016)

The time has come and Bill and I are experiencing our last firsts and with it brings a range of emotions. The last first time of hearing your own baby laugh for the first time. Not a gas giggle but a big, belly laugh. The last time of watching your baby learn how to move their hands and fingers – and be amazed by seeing that they control how their fingers work. The last time of watching them work their fingers in a way to bring a tiny crumb of bread from their tray to their mouth. Seeing them recognize you when you come to pick them up – the legs wiggling trying to get free to rush into your arms.

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While it is sad knowing that Jack is our last and we will no longer be experiencing certain baby things, it is exciting to look ahead to the future! A future that is diaper free and baby food free – (that stuff stains everything)! Granted I’m sure we will be dealing with other challenges but diaper free seems huge at this point! Not only the $$$ savings, but just the simple idea of no longer having to worry about changing everyone before leaving. Packing a diaper bag complete with extra outfits and a few sources of entertainment and finally getting the baby into the car seat, only to have an immediate last minute required diaper change arise.

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I am looking ahead to the future – enjoying the experiences now, and planning ahead when the kids are a little older. Adventuring on vacation should be slightly easier and destinations further away will become a reality. California will once again become a popular vacation spot, instead of Storyland and Santa’s Village, and things will continue to change and move ahead. The beach will become an easy feat vs. a complex fieldtrip which needs days of planning and packing. Going out to eat will consist of me just cutting up my own food – and maybe eating while it is still warm :)

After spending an evening with Lexa’s preschool class on an ice cream cruise, I realized how lucky we are as parents. We have a great set of kids and I hope they continue to build the bond between all of them. They all have some great friends and have flourished in the pre-school program  and their outside activities- a BIG thanks to everyone that came out tonight! As we move down this road of life I look forward to seeing each our children develop into their own beings. Our kids definitely have their moments and know what pushes each others buttons, but in the same way they have an unbreakable bond. Running to each other’s aid when one of them gets hurt or needs help, and taking care of their little brother  to make sure he is well fed and entertained :) .

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And while there will be plenty of time for us to enjoy moving past the baby stage, for now I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. The midnight wake ups from Jack (or let’s be honest, midnight visits  – since most of the time we haven’t gone to bed yet) will be seen as a special mommy and Jack snuggle time. Tonight he woke up mid-post and while typically his binky does the trick, tonight he needed a little more. As I picked him up out of his bed and snuggled him close, he instantly relaxed and snuggled back into me. His little fingers grasping my shirt, holding on for dear life. His other hand wrapping itself around one of my fingers, and with a content sigh of relief he closed his eyes and went back to dreamland. I held him for a few minutes. Probably a few minutes more that I usually would, just to enjoy the moment. To much of life is spent rushing around to either get somewhere or to get the house in perfect order or to get the yard looking immaculate. The ability to sit and enjoy the current moment is something that is rare and something I would love to do more often/am working on changing. There will be plenty of time to clean the house and tend to the yard – but the kids are only young once.Think about what they will remember. You taking an hour to read or play with them, or taking an hour to get the dishes put away? After slowly placing him back into his crib and watching him roll over to pull up his blanket, it struck me that he will be 1 in a couple of short months! Time is flying by and we need to enjoy all of the moments we have – as good or crazy as they may be!

Parenting is a lifetime commitment, not something that ends when they are 18. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and I am looking forward to seeing all of the developments and changes that our family will go through as everyone is growing up. I also look forward to being there for them. Not til their just 18 or just 21, but always!! Support through the good time and tough times and making the most of what life has to offer!

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